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About PageRank Checker on INTERTYPE.ORG

INTERTYPE.ORG has been started when I needed to type in different languages online, and could not find an adequate solution to satisfy my needs. The story of this page is quite similar to the story of the INTERTYPE.ORG domain: at some point I came up with a page to help myself checking websites Page Rank.

Yes, I'm aware of FireFox plugins and toolbars and such, but they are not always reliable, displaying incorrect PageRank at times, or displaying PageRank for pages without PageRank, etc. So I ended up with this page.

Unlike some other sites, this PageRank Checker doesn't require entering CAPTCHA, and I will try to avoid it in the future as well, for as long as possible.

Like the rest of INTERTYPE.ORG, the PageRank Checker is using minimalistic design, trying to avoid bright pictures and bold colorful ads. I'm still try to keep the whole site as friendly to work/office environment as possible.


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